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This holiday season, be the light for families in need.

Since The Pineapple Projects began in 2020, we’ve been blessed to help 62 local families.

The impact of living in an under-furnished home takes an emotional and physical toll on adults and children. This can have a ripple effect, carrying over into day-to-day living and creating a vicious cycle of despair.

With your support, we’re showing our community members they are not alone. We’re creating spaces that enable them to focus on priorities and inspire a brighter future. We’re designing change.

Will you help us reach our year-end goal of $11,000 by making a gift? Together, we can provide home essentials — and countless lifechanging moments — for at least 10 families in the new year.

Every dollar matters and has a direct impact on our community members in need!

Thank you for being the light!


Because everyone deserves a place to call home.

In 2022, after moving to Florida with her four kids, Hannah found herself without a job or housing. For six months, her family lived out of a car and hotels. But Hannah never gave up trying to regain stability.

“I had an amazing friend who helped us with food, blankets and clean clothes,” Hannah said. “Every day was full of uncertainty, but I prayed and did everything I could to get to the other side.”

Throughout this difficult time, Hannah found comfort at church—the same place where her story began to change. A congregation member nominated Hannah to receive help from The Pineapple Projects. Hannah also met her boyfriend, Brent. They started a cleaning business and Hannah’s prayers were answered: she was able to secure an apartment and her Pineapple Projects application was accepted.

In March of 2023, The Pineapple Projects fully furnished Hannah’s home—her family was finally getting their fresh start.

“We were so relieved to have a roof over our heads again, but we barely had any possessions and money was still tight,” Hannah said. “On the day of our home reveal, I was in disbelief and so happy. The Pineapple team thought of every detail. We felt safe, loved, and cared for.”

These days, Hannah and her family are thriving. Hannah and Brent recently got married and they enjoy giving back by donating their time to The Pineapple Projects.

“It’s a blessing to be able to lean in and help the organization that changed our lives,” Hannah said.

Lift up more families like Hannah’s.


Our Mission and Impact

The Pineapple Projects provides home essentials to Pinellas County families who have recently overcome housing insecurities and need a helping hand. With the support of generous donors and compassionate volunteers, we transform houses into homes — spreading love, inspiring hope and creating a pathway to new beginnings.

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