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All About The Pineapple Projects


The Pineapple Projects believes that HOME is where your story begins! Everyone struggles sometimes, and we want to help those who have risen above their past circumstances. They simply need some help with turning their house back into a home.


Whether it’s bedroom furniture to sleep on, or tables to have a meal together as a family, we make it happen! We pray that through our Projects, a family will see a community that respects them, loves hard on them, and this ripple continues throughout their life. 


The Pineapple Projects does amazing transformations in the houses and lives of people in the community. They go above and beyond anything you can even dream possible. Their love, passion and dedication shows in every corner of the home. This transformation is something we will always remember and treasure. 

a Pineapple Projects family

Our Process


Nominate someone or a family you know that is in need of essential home furnishings


Our volunteers speak to the families to identify needs and see if our resources align with the requested items.


Volunteers get to work preparing a lovely space for the family in need.


Project day arrives and a team of volunteers and help from the family’s friends and family, work to transform their house into their home.


The family is welcomed back for a surprise reveal.

It’s rare in this life to meet people who make such a dramatic difference in someone’s life, and expect nothing in return …

We are honored that you blessed someone we love with a life-changing home.




A Nominator of a Pineapple Project

God has put people in your life on purpose so you can be a blessing to them.

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